Print This Handy Guide Before You Move to a New Home

Moving Checklist

Old Location

Take these items into consideration while still at the old location:

• Arrange for a professional mover (get recommendations from friends and review sites, check with Better Business Bureau)


• Show potential movers everything so they can give a reasonable quote


• Arrange packing materials, if necessary


• Arrange dumpster for both ends of move


• Take complete inventory of household goods and print out lists


• Photograph items of value to keep in case of a dispute over loss or damage


• Check with your insurance agent about coverage for the move, transfer of policies


• Clean out closets/garage


• Send draperies and rugs to cleaners in time for packing with other goods


• Defrost freezer


• Arrange cleaning service for final cleanup


Call the following to have services shut off and/or changed to new address:

• Water company

• Cable TV/Internet company

• Electric company

• Newspaper delivery

• Gas/oil company

• Dairy/grocery delivery

• Telephone plan


Notify companies and people of your change of address, either online or via postal change-of-address cards:

• Post Office

• BC Government (MSP and ICBC

• Credit cards

• Charge accounts

• Loan companies

• Subscriptions

• Friends, relatives


Take care of household and personal business:

• Pick up any clothing, storage items from cleaners

• Empty safe-deposit box

• Arrange for banking in new location

• Arrange for local school to transfer children's records


• Search online dentist reviews or ask dentist for recommendations of new dentist -- arrange for records to be forwarded


• General dentist _____________________________________

• Orthodontist _______________________________________

• Other ____________________________________________


• Search online doctor reviews or ask physician(s) for recommendations -- arrange for records to be forwarded.

• Family doctor _______________________________________

• Pediatrician ________________________________________

• Specialists _________________________________________

• Obtain veterinarian records

• Have appliances serviced for moving, if necessary

• Transfer social, civic organization memberships; obtain letters of introduction


• Record moving company's toll-free phone number and the mobile of the driver and web tracking URL to check progress of shipment:


• Tracking code ________________________________________

• Phone number ________________________________________

• Mobile number ________________________________________

• Website _________________________________________

Make travel arrangements:

• Flight

• Hotel reservations

• Arrange for transportation of pets

• Car rental

• Plan route

• Alter phone plan if necessary to avoid excessive roaming charges

• Arrange for a close friend or relative to be your point person in case you are unreachable

Say Goodbye to Your Old Home

• Pack household goods into numbered boxes labeled with appropriate room

• Carefully pack any items you absolutely don't want lost or damaged and take them with you

• Scan important papers -- birth certificates, wills, the contract with the movers -- and take the originals with you

• Pack supplies you'll need on the day of the move: bathroom items, eating utensils, snacks, drinks, breakfast food, pet food, medical needs, etc.

• Check closets, shelves, all rooms and outbuildings to make sure they are empty

• Supervise cleaners and movers

• Leave current home in clean condition


Before Arriving At New Location
Arrange for utility services in new area:

• Water company

• Electric company

• Gas company

• Cable/Internet

Get recommendations for repair services from Realtor, new landlord, previous owner/tenant or online review sites:

• Plumber ____________________________________________

• Electrician __________________________________________

• Handyman __________________________________________

New Location

• Supervise unloading and unpacking

• Set up and make beds first so you can collapse into them when you need to

• Put up any shelving units before you unpack other items

• Meet your neighbors (write down their names)

• Get recommendations for babysitters, nanny agencies, etc.

• Contact Welcome Wagon or other merchant-sponsored organizations for information, gifts and coupons

• Put valuables into a safe-deposit box in new bank

• Ensure that new school has received records

• Contact new dentists and doctors to ensure that records have been transfered

• Have pets licensed

• Arrange for new registration and insurance of cars:

• Apply for new driver's licence if you moved from outside BC (your licence is only valid for 90 days after arrival)